Saturday, June 2, 2018

DIY/Easy Garden Border

Can you believe Summer is already here? Since it's June and Summer time, I thought I would do a yard/garden post.  When we had our back yard landscaped last year, they installed a simple metal edging around the flowerbeds.

This year, I wanted to add something a little higher to keep the mulch in the beds and to add a little bit more character.  So, I started searching on the Internet and found this product at Home Depot (link below pic).  I will also add that this isn't a paid/sponsored post, I'm just sharing something I love.

I was going to be adding this border myself and didn't want to haul heavy rocks.  These had great reviews online, so I decided to give them a try.  They are light weight and so easy to install.  The only tool you need is a mallet.

I installed these right up against the existing metal border we already had.  However, these would have been just fine to use alone.  Each piece connects to the other, and you simply hammer them in as you go.  

This took me about 30 minutes to do and was an easy project that made a wonderful change to my backyard.  I have had these now for a couple of months and I'm so pleased with them.  

This really is a quick, easy one person job.  I did have an adorable supervisor though.

This is our sweet Mellie and she's always there to help with all of my projects.

I have actually ordered more to continue to use around the rest of our flowerbeds. But, for now, I'm going to sit right here and relax.

I hope your June is off to a wonderful start.  
Thanks for stopping by! 

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