Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Our Inspired Collection #4

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Our features for last week are
Kristin at White Arrows Home - Heirloom Tea Cups - Tea and Roses Home Tour
We loved how Kristin displayed her Grandmother's teacups. Her beautiful lakeside home is a must see! You will definitely want to visit her blog. 

Our next choice is from 
We loved how Stacey serves her guest cold iced tea on a hot summer day in these adorable jars.  Such an adorable idea.  We also loved her suggestions for keeping entertaining simple.

We also loved
Mary's post at 
Such a great repurpose of this 1970's TV cabinet.  If you're looking for help on how to repair and paint an old piece of furniture to give it new life, this is an excellent post.

Thank you to all three of our beautiful features! 

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

DIY/Easy Garden Border

Can you believe Summer is already here? Since it's June and Summer time, I thought I would do a yard/garden post.  When we had our back yard landscaped last year, they installed a simple metal edging around the flowerbeds.

This year, I wanted to add something a little higher to keep the mulch in the beds and to add a little bit more character.  So, I started searching on the Internet and found this product at Home Depot (link below pic).  I will also add that this isn't a paid/sponsored post, I'm just sharing something I love.

I was going to be adding this border myself and didn't want to haul heavy rocks.  These had great reviews online, so I decided to give them a try.  They are light weight and so easy to install.  The only tool you need is a mallet.

I installed these right up against the existing metal border we already had.  However, these would have been just fine to use alone.  Each piece connects to the other, and you simply hammer them in as you go.  

This took me about 30 minutes to do and was an easy project that made a wonderful change to my backyard.  I have had these now for a couple of months and I'm so pleased with them.  

This really is a quick, easy one person job.  I did have an adorable supervisor though.

This is our sweet Mellie and she's always there to help with all of my projects.

I have actually ordered more to continue to use around the rest of our flowerbeds. But, for now, I'm going to sit right here and relax.

I hope your June is off to a wonderful start.  
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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Our Inspired Collection #3

Welcome Back to
Our Inspired Collection!

Our feature for last week is Sharlie at The Front Porch Farmhouse.  We loved how she's switching things up in her pretty home.  Stop by and see how she's finding new uses for some of the spaces in her home.

A big thank you to those of you who joined us last week! Please spread the word and tell your blogger friends to join in the fun.  

We're excited for week three of Our Inspired Collection 

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Our Inspired Collection #2

Welcome to our second week of 
Our Inspired Collection

Thank you so much to those of you who linked up to share for our very first Our Inspired Collection Link Party!  It was so fun and so inspiring!  Check out our winners...

How beautiful are these DIY Lavender Sachets from Sandra at Charmed Crown Blog ?!!  This would be such a sweet gift to give and the way that she created the lavender print on the front is pure genius!  Love it!

This Living Room Reveal by Junk Chic Cottage is absolutely stunning! From her beautiful slipcovered chairs, to her perfectly chippy architectural salvage pieces, this space is airy, bright and beautiful!

Finally, Kelly from The Tattered Pew did a beautiful job styling her front porch space for Spring!  Head over to her blog and check out her beautiful space and, my favorite, her beautiful church pew!

A big thank you to those of you who joined us last week! Please spread the word and tell your blogger friends to join in the fun.  

We're excited for week two of Our Inspired Collection 

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Monday, May 21, 2018

Making a New House Our Own

I wanted to share a change we've made to our new home.  I know you're thinking, why are you changing a brand new home?  Let me explain.  We found our home right at the very end of construction.  The location of the house, size floorpan, and colors were perfect.  Plus, our house had sold that we were leaving, and I didn't want to move into an apartment.  We moved forward and bought the house.  We've lived here over a year now, and we love it! There was just just one thing that I wanted to change.  I needed more light in the dining room and wanted to be able to see out to the front of the house.  So, I started thinking, looking at ideas online, did lots of Face Timing with my Sister, and got a lot of wonderful ideas from friends on Instagram.

I called a contractor to see if my ideas were even possible.  Good News!! I was going to be able to open up that wall! We emptied the dining room of everything, and they got to work.

         Here is the dining room empty                                               All of our furniture stacked up

My idea was about to happen! The only thing I was disappointed with was that I was going to lose my shiplap wallpaper.  I'm currently brainstorming on where else I can use that wallpaper.  I loved it!

Our guest bedroom before.  This is all we could fit in this room.

The front bedroom we had was really very small and we weren't using the closet.  The closet is what backed up to the dining room wall.  So, I decided once the wall was open, to utilize the closet area as a butlers pantry/coffee bar.  I had a wonderful contractor who was open to my ideas, and rolled with my crazy changes as we went along.

This is what it looked like when we opened the wall up.

Here is where we had the only problem during the process.  I imagined the closet opening would be centered with the new dining room opening.  Thank goodness I had a patient contractor.  We decided to move the opening.  So much better with it centered with the new opening and the window.


We repurposed the original closet doors and we are now using them on a barn door slider to maximize space.  So happy with that decision, because I really wanted barn doors somewhere in the house.  Having the barn doors also allows us to continue to use the space as a guest room.

Here's the link to the hardware I purchased.

We repurposed the original shelving from the closet and added shelves on either side of the butler's pantry.  I also had them add a quartz counter top on the side with the coffee bar.  I ordered a small white fridge and put it under the coffee bar.  This is so convenient when we are entertaining.  There are coffee and other drinks right there beside our dining room for our guests.

We still use what was the guest room as a guest room.  I purchased a small sofa sleeper for us to use when we have guests.  I also have room for an office on the other side of the room.

The other wonderful part of the transformation, is the amount of light we have in our dining room, all the way back to our living area.  It was so worth doing this, and has made the house just right for us, and our needs.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about how this change has made our home more functional for us.  I hope Ive inspired you to make a change you've been wanting to make to your home.

Also, don't forget to join myself, Haley at Statelyhomelane and Desiree at Camelotartcreations for our new Link Up, Our Inspired Collection, tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Our Inspired Collection Link Up #1

Our Inspired Collection Link Up! #1

Hi friends! I am beyond excited to be hosting my very first Link Party here on the blog! I have joined so many link parties as a participant and couldn’t be happier to host my very own! For bloggers link parties are a great way to connect with other bloggers, drive traffic to your site and get your work seen! For readers this is an awesome way to see some amazing home decor and DIY inspiration and find new bloggers to follow along with!
I hope you love what you see!

Your Hosts

Haley, www.statelyhomelane.com
I’m a Wife and Homeschooling Mom to my 3 sweet boys! Creating functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces for my family is my passion. Blogging has become an amazing outlet for me to fuel my creativity and inspire others! Sarcasm is my love language and carbs are my BFF!

Heather, www.everevolvinghome.com
“I’m a Wife and Mom to 3 grown men. I started my blog to share my decorating adventures and my hobby as a DIYer. I named my blog Ever Evolving Home because I’m always changing things up!”

Desiree, www.camelotartcreations.blogspot.com
“I live in Central Florida with my husband of 11 years & 4 children that I live for and can’t imagine all grown up! I have a passion for decorating on a budget, DIY’s, antique furniture, and inspiring others! Coffee and sweets are the way to my heart.”


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

DIY Home Decor Change on a Budget

I had a sweet Instagram subscriber send me the nicest private message I have ever received.  I'll keep what she said private, but it got me to thinking about how my home style has evolved over the course of about a year.

My heart has always been drawn to shabby chic, french country, cozy cottage, antiques, and all things vintage.  When we purchased our new home a little over a year ago, the colors that came with the new build were grays, whites, and a little bit of black.  Our last home was more traditional with rustic touches.  I knew I wanted to change my decor in the new home, but the task was pretty big.  I had several pieces of furniture that were old, and several pieces I loved and knew I wanted to keep.  I was so intimidated for some reason at the thought of changing so much over to light, white and bright.

I began my search online, trying to find something that someone wrote about how they took that plunge, where did they start, how did they get the nerve up to make such a big change.  I'm not sure what I was searching for, maybe some courage to just do it?  I know, it's just home decor and it's silly right?  While I found several beautiful accounts, and so many things about painting furniture, because lets face it, this isn't a new trend, I couldn't find anything on where they started, or how it was done.

So, here I am, a year later, and wow, did I ever take that plunge.  Some people don't get the white decor.  So, let me explain what I love about it.  First and foremost for me, it's a blank canvas.  I can add any color for any season or holiday.  It's also created a very calming environment in my home.  It feels clean, bright and cheery to me.  Last, and most important, a can of white paint is cheap.

So, here's how I made the change.  I started painting, yes, it's that simple.  I picked one piece and just did it.  Painting that one piece gave me the courage to keep going.  Not only did I paint furniture, I painted frames, accent pieces, and decor items.  I have used all kinds of paint; however, my favorite is chalk paint.  Keep in mind, to achieve this look, you can simply add white and you don't have to paint everything (unless you like that look).  I chose not to paint our bedroom furniture.  I liked the contrast the wood tone added to the room  I also went well with the wood tones coming through the chippy shutters behind the nightstand.

I added slipcovers to pieces of furniture I already owned, new pillow covers to old pillows and I added some white throws.  I even added white shiplap wallpaper to brighten up a room.

I made lists of things I knew I wanted to continue with my change and went to thrift stores and antique stores over the course of a year and bought some new pieces.  So, make a list in your phone of pieces you want because you never know when you are going to find the right piece from your list.  It also helps with doing this on a budget.  As your budget allows, you can buy items from your list.
I found this adorable table below at a local thrift store.  I paid $25.00 for it.  I gave it a coat of paint and distressed it and it made the most adorable side table.

Little by little, over the course of a year, I have taken my list down to a few items and my home feels somewhat complete.  I love home decor, so my home is always changing and rearranging, but I have achieved the look I was dreaming about.

Please feel free to ask me any questions, or leave me a comment below.  You can also just send me an email.  You can find my email in the Contact Me section of my blog.

Thank you for stopping by!  You can see a lot more photos of my home by subscribing to my Instagram page.  Just click the Instagram button on my main blog page.

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