Thursday, October 26, 2017

DIY Faux Vintage Mirror

I hope you're having a wonderful week.  I feel like October is flying by!  Don't you feel the same way?  Anyway, I did this project this Summer while I was decorating one of our guest rooms.

I had searched for a vintage mirror for a while, and the only ones I could find were more than I was willing to pay for them.  I also was trying to use some of the things I already had.  I had a mirror that I purchased from Ikea a few years ago.  Here is one that's similar (I forgot to take a before photo, so I took one while I was in Ikea).

I started by adding Citristrip Gel to the back to remove the mirror backing. Be sure to wear gloves, a mask and protective eye protection.  I didn't add it to the entire back, just certain spots.  I actually moved this outside.  It isn't a strong smelling stripper, I didn't want to get it on anything in the house.  

I actually let it set for several hours.  Next, I used a scraper and scraped the backing off of the mirror. You will want to scrape until you have basically scraped off the backing and mirror.  Just remember, if you scrape off too much, you can't put it back.  So, I started with small amounts.  It just depends on how much black, aged look you want.  I wanted it to be light and spotty.

Once you've scraped as much off of the mirror you want, you will use black spray paint to paint the exposed places on the back of the mirror.  This will give you the spotted aged black spots that are on vintage mirrors.  

The last thing I did was paint sparingly on the front of the mirror with 

You will want to cover or tape off your mirror frame so you don't get paint on it.  I didn't, because I actually loved the color on the frame.  The guest bedroom has soft colors and the black just didn't work.  I love how it turned out and I didn't break the bank on a real vintage mirror.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Bootiful Halloween Decor

October is here!  I feel like I just put out all of my Fall decor, and it's already time for Halloween.  One thing I love about the changing seasons, and holidays is changing up my home decor.  I love to have fun with Halloween decor.  My boys are all grown and living on their own.  But, I still decorate for Halloween.  It takes me out of my normal neutral decor colors and style.  I usually put most of my normal decor into storage.  I do that because if I added Halloween and Fall to my normal decor, it would just be too much.  After Halloween and Fall come down, Christmas goes up, so I will already have a clean slate ready for Christmas decor.  After Christmas decor comes down, I have a clean slate to change up my normal decor and have things fresh and new for the new year.  But, let's not get carried away!  Back to Halloween!  Let's get to the fun part!! The decor!! I hope you enjoy!!

This year I decided to have a Halloween tree.  Why not go all out Halloween?! I bought the tree for my son's apartment and decided to use it first.  He won't mind at all.  I decorated using some things I already had, and then added some really inexpensive items from Wal-Mart. It was quick and simple. 

The spooky picture on the dreaded giant TV aka, the big black box is an image I pulled up from my phone.  

I actually won a fantastic Rae Dunn giveaway on Instagram and it helped fill the empty spaces of my Rae Dunn collection.  This area is all decked out for Fall and Halloween.

The dining room also got a little spooky makeover.  I added the fun tablecloth form Tuesday Morning, some bats from Wal-Mart, a Boo sign from Hobby Lobbying my velvet pumpkins.  This is actually my favorite area.

This is my entryway.  Complete with bats, mice, witches hat and broom.  I've just blended it with my regular decor.

My home is open concept, so the kitchen had to get a little spooktacular too.  Ive added more bats and mice, some pumpkins and a few other goodies.

I encourage you to step outside of your regular decor box and have a little fun with your Halloween decor.  I think you'll have a lot of fun!

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