Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Finding My Style

Something I love about the Cyber World of decor, is how it has helped me find my style.  While it's so easy to see a picture you like, and just copy what someone else has done, it doesn't always work for you and your home.  When we bought this home, we downsized by 900 sq ft.  We still have 4 bedrooms, because I wanted a room for each son when they come home.  We did lose a formal living room and formal dining room.  Honestly, I don't miss either one.

Our home in the country was decorated very farmhouse and country.  It fit the style of the home and the area of the home.  We did live right in front of a cotton field.  Then, we moved to a larger town and a more traditional home.  Again, I altered my decor to fit the home.  I went much more traditional and a little bit Tuscan.  Which brings me to our current home.

This home has a cottage feel to me.  I love that.  My heart has always gravitated toward cottage, shabby, french country, and now a little bit of farmhouse style.  I guess I let the house sort of dictate my style.  Since we were buying a new build, I was able to follow the style that I feel is my true style.

I am still changing things up a little bit, but with each room, and each change (or mistake) I am feeling like this is home.  Here are a few photos of our home so you can see my current style.

This is our entryway.  It's not very large, so I used this small table.  I also painted it white to lighten it up a little bit.  That seems to be what I am doing with a lot of my decor.  Painting things white and lightening things up.

This is our kitchen.  I love the big island, the white cabinets and the black glass subway tile back splash.  That's one of the reasons I am using a lot of simple black and white decor.

This is our dining room.  I added the settee to our dining table so that we would have a lot more room in our dining room.  Plus, it's a cozy spot to sit and visit after a good meal.

There is a sample of what our home is looking like, and how I am finding my style in this current home.

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  1. Heather, everything is so pretty!! I'm thinking of using a settee at our dining room table. Can you share where you found yours? I've seen a bunch on Wayfair and other websites but I'm a little chicken to order.

    1. Hi Stacey!! Thank you so much!! I did find mine on Wayfair. I was nervous about ordering online too. It has been a wonderful addition to our dining room! Here is the link:
      Hope that helps! Have a great day!

    2. Thanks!! Now how are you keeping that beauty clean?

    3. I am basically the only one who sits there since we are Empty Nesters. It does wipe clean pretty easy though.

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