Sunday, February 16, 2014

Decoupage EAT Letters

I have been a little absent from blogging, DIYing, and crafting lately.  Life has just been really busy since the new year started.  Today I decided to treat myself to a quick craft project before our busy week got started.

I have wanted EAT letters for my kitchen/dining room for a while now, but just couldn't seem to find exactly what I wanted.  Not the right color, size, style, or price.  So, I found these letters at Hobby Lobby the other day.  They were the right size, and unfinished.  The best part is they were only 3.49 each!!!  10.47 total for the letters.  Bargain!!!
I could have gone with a quick spray paint finish, but I felt like I needed some pattern/prints in that part of my house.  I headed to the scrap booking section.  I found this beautiful paper.  It looks like old scattered postcards.  It was .59 cents a sheet!  I bought 4 so I would have an extra sheet just in case.  2.36 total for the paper.  I'm in for 12.83 total so far.  Not bad at all!!!
Exactly what I had in mind!!  I love to decoupage anything, so this was just meant to be.
I broke out my bottle of decoupage and went to work.  If you are new to decoupaging, I highly recommend it.  For me, it's a pretty relaxing craft project, and you really can't mess anything up.  I keep sponge paint brushes on hand, so when I get the urge to craft, I have them ready.  I like to pour the decoupage on a paper plate to dip my brush into paint, or in this case, decoupage.
I realize a lot of you can decoupage with your eyes closed, so for those of you who have never attempted to decoupage I will give you the quick instructions.  I like to apply decoupage to the back of the paper, and I apply a LOT!  You want to be sure all of the paper sticks to the surface you are covering.  Then, apply the paper and smooth it out being sure it is completely attached to the surface. I also wrapped my paper around to the back so that the edges would be covered as well.  

When you are applying to the corners, it can be a little tricky.  You may need to trim a V shaped piece off of the corner, because you don't want it to appear bulky.  Then, fold it like you are wrapping a present.  Once you have the paper attached, I brush the front with more decoupage, and push out any bubbles, and make sure everything is nice and smooth.  Don't worry, the decoupage will dry clear.
The great thing about the pattern on this paper is when you are piecing the paper together, you don't have to worry about matching a pattern.  If you have a specific pattern to your paper, you will need to match the pattern to each piece.  Just keep gluing, and smoothing until everything is covered.  This gets pretty messy, so I put plastic down to protect my work surface.  It does however, wash off of your hands pretty easily.  
Last step, I added picture hangers to the back.  Instead of nailing the hangers, I used my favorite craft glue to attach them. I use E6000 glue for a LOT of my projects.
Let the letters and hangers dry for 24 hours.  Then, hang and enjoy!!!
My dining and kitchen are one big room, so I hung mine in the dining room near my built-in China cabinet.  I am so happy with them, and I love how they look!

Hope you have a lovely week! I also hope you will give this craft project a try.  

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