Thursday, January 2, 2014

I Won Something Beautiful!

I can't even believe the holidays have come and gone!!  I have started the daunting task of taking down all of my Christmas decorations.  I always make this harder than it has to be.  I take everything down, deep clean, and then spend days creating new vignettes, moving things around, and adding new things I got for Christmas, or purchased during Christmas.  I always love it when I'm all done, and will share pics with y'all.
Before I take everything down, I wanted to share something I won with you, because I NEVER win anything!!

I won this hand painted sign from

The sign was painted by this talented lady:

It looks perfect with my other Christmas decor

I have tried painting signs, and it is something I can't master.  Her hand painting is perfect!  She has an Etsy store, and you can even buy gift certificates for someone!  You can click on the link above to find her blog, which has a link to her Etsy store.  I bought my sister a gift certificate for Christmas, and can't wait to see what she gets. 

Thank you Judy, and Sarah!  I just love the Peace on Earth sign!

Now, I'm off to take all of my Christmas Decor down.  

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  1. Heather you're so sweet! Thanks for the shout out! So glad you like your sign. -Sarah (


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