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Attention to Detail When Decorating Your Home & Other Tips

During the holidays I had the chance to tour my closest friend's Sister's new home.  Have you ever looked at a home and had your mouth open the whole time.  I was speechless!  I wasn't comfortable with asking her if I could take pictures for my blog, but next time, I will.  She has a wonderful eye, and a talent for creating beautiful rooms.  I wanted to share several things I learned from touring her beautiful home, and a few things I have learned since I started blogging.  I'm by no means a professional decorator, these are just some things that are helping me, and may help you also.  I used several of these ideas while putting my house back together after taking down all of my Christmas decor.
  • Attention to detail makes a huge difference
     For example, when I decorated my mantle after Christmas, I created a new arrangement.  I could have just stuck with greenery, and the feathers, but I layered on a burlap bow, and added a rustic star to the side.  Then, I took it one step further, and added the broach for some sparkle, and interest.  Do you recognize the bow and star?  They were my Christmas tree toppers, and so were the feathers (re purpose).
    I got this lantern on sale at Hobby Lobby.  If you don't have the Hobby Lobby app for your phone, you really need it!  It lets you know what is on sale, and if it isn't on sale, there is a 40% off coupon for you to use.  I added battery operated candles, and could have stopped there.  I also added this cross that I had for a little more visual interest.  Paying attention to details.
    I put this large crown on our mantle, and added a glass candle holder, and layered it, by adding a little burlap.  
    Instead of just setting a candle on a table, think outside of the box and set the candle on something to give it visual interest.  Tyler Candle Co makes these pedestals to go with their candles. Love them!  If I don't want to put a candle in it, I can always use it as a pedestal for something else.

     I am a huge fan of magnetic "jewelry" for your lighting.  I found this magnetic flower, and these magnetic crystals at Hobby Lobby.  The flower comes as two pieces so you can place them anywhere.  The crystals are individual, and and easily removed.  They could even be used on a metal shelf, or other places to add interest.
  • Don't be quick to get rid of old things because they are out of style
    • Store those things because you never know when you may get an idea to use them again, or re purpose them
  • Taking pictures of your home helps with decorating 
    • You won't believe how much this helps.  It's weird, I know, but it really helps you see your home with new eyes
      • After I posted the pictures of my Mudroom last week, and have looked at them several times, I have made a few changes to that room, and like it a lot more now.
  • Decorate with your heart
    • If you use what you love, your house will feel homey
I used this tiered tray to display some of my husband's Grandmother's china, and doilies she made.
    I am a huge cupcake lover!  I have these faux cupcakes in an adorable cupcake holder in my kitchen.
    • Incorporate a few trendy items with old decor
     I love crowns, and birds too.  I guess they could be considered trendy, but some of them I have had for quite some time.  The bird above was considered a Christmas decoration, and was a steal!  Watch those after Christmas sales.
     I already had the gold crown above, and the jewelry box, and when I went to my friend's Sister's house, she had both of them, and had stacked them.  Super great idea!  I put mine together when I got home.  So simple, but makes great visual impact!
    I got this crown on clearance because it was considered a Christmas decoration.  That's a great way to get things cheap.  Again, not everything has to be used for Christmas, and you can get great deals.  Plus, it was broken, so I got an even better deal, and I hid the broken part by laying it in a little dish I already had.
    In my entry, I added a few new items with a few old items.  I added the two hydrangea stems with some moss to the vase I already had.
    • Rely on the Internet when you need inspiration
      • There are some SUPER talented bloggers out there with fabulous ideas
      • Pinterest is an amazing resource
    • Above all, do what makes your house feel beautiful for you and your family
    This sweet picture hangs in my master bathroom.  Good reminder!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!  I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my vignettes, and maybe learned a few things that I have learned too.

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