Sunday, December 15, 2013

Using Chairs as a Statement Piece

Recently, I was invited by One Kings Lane to write a piece about a Statement Chair I have in my home.  One Kings Lane has a new Home Decor Resource Guide you can use to help choose a statement chair, and how to use it with your decor.  If you go with an older piece, their Home Decor Resource Guide can also be used to research in which era your chair or piece of furniture was made.  You can even use this section to help you decide if you should reupholster a chair, or pay a professional to recover it for you.  There's also a section on DIY Stain-proofing your chairs (something we all need to do).  It's a great section to use if you just aren't sure which direction to go when purchasing a new or old piece of furniture, and you need a little guidance.  How many times have you bought a piece and got it home, only to realize it isn't quite right after all?  I am completely guilty of doing that!

My favorite statement chair in my home is this sweet little chair I have in my bedroom.  I recently featured it in a post about our Master Bedroom.  You can see that post here Master Bedroom Tour.  I purchased the chair for $100.00 from a local photographer who used it for props.  Since then, I have used it in our bedroom for a little reading nook for myself, and incorporated some of my favorite things in this little corner in our bedroom.  The bed in our bedroom is the focal point, and it's a new piece.  I needed something "old" to add to our bedroom to keep the decor fitting with the rest of our home (old mixed with new).  I get a lot of compliments and questions about this chair when we have people over, so I wanted it to have its own special place where it would be noticed.  I have also used Home Decor Resource Guide at One Kings Lane to help me be able to answer the main question I get, "How old is it"?  I was able to get a rough idea from their website, and I am going to use their site to research some other older pieces I have in my home.  I believe it is from the Victorian Era, due to the shape of the legs and the tapestry fabric. 

I also discovered when I flipped it over - it is filled with Spanish Moss, another indicator of how old it is.  

So, whether you need help in deciding on a new statement chair for your home, want to learn about an older piece you have, need help deciding on reupholstering your chair, or even how to care for your piece - use the new section Home Decor Resource Guide of One Kings Lane to help you out.  It's like having your own Professional Decorator on site to answer questions you need answered when purchasing and working with furniture. What a great reference tool to use!

You can check out their guide by clicking this link, Home Decor Resource Guide, or any of the links above.

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  1. I received that email from them as well, but didn't follow up. Sounds like you got it together pretty quickly Heather!

    Hope you're enjoying the holiday season :)

    1. Hi Doreen! This was my first experience doing something like this. Pretty easy, and a good learning experience. That section of their website will be a great reference for me to use in the future. I am having a great holiday season. It would be great if I could stop the clock and play catch up though! Happy Holidays to you!

  2. Thanks for the fun post Heather. This chair looks really comfy - perfect with a nice throw and a good book!

    1. Exactly! It is a perfect little Mom hideaway corner. Especially right now during the busy holiday season!
      Happy Holidays!


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