Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our home for Christmas!  Everything is decorated and ready for Christmas day!  You can see our Doxie waiting at the screen door to greet you.

The front porch is decorated with a Christmas/Winter theme.

 We have had an unusually cold Winter so far, so the snowmen are just the right decor for the porch.

Next, is our entryway

I wanted to share a little tip with you.  I have Christmas lights all around the house, so to make them easy to turn off and on, I have these button extension cords.  I can easy turn all of my lights on and off with the touch of a button, without plugging in and unplugging all of the lights.  I have the buttons in easy to reach places, but tucked out of sight. You can see the one on my entry table below.

Both of these Santa's are waiting to greet you in our entry.

Then, you move on to our living room.  This time of year, the Hallmark Channel is on a lot!  I love the Christmas movies.  Did you spot our Doxie, Jax?  He's relaxing, enjoying the tree and staying warm.

I have quite a few Santa Elves around the house.  They add a touch of whimsy to the Christmas decor that I just love.

This sweet Nativity is actually from the Dollar Store.  I added a touch of gold spray glitter to dress the up a little.  You would never know it came from the Dollar Store.

The other side of our Living Room

This little angel sits on one of the shelves.  She is one of my favorite things, and actually stays out all year.

I love that I have a large mantel.  When we bought the house there wasn't a mantle at all.  When we decided to add one, I knew I wanted it to fill the space between both book cases, so that I could have plenty of space for decorating.

Even the mudroom gets decorated.  The snowman/winter theme is the perfect decor to go with all of our coats and scarves.

Even the coffee bar got decorated for Christmas

Our kitchen has a lot of activity during the holidays, so it has to be decorated and festive.  

I use to set up a Christmas village, but I really don't have anywhere to do that in this house.  So, I used a few of the pieces tucked in a few places with other Christmas decor.

In our Master bedroom, I added a wreath above our bed, and a white comforter for the winter.  Our Pom, Dusty is tucked in his bed fast asleep.
I decided to elevate our Master bedroom tree, by putting it in this antique trunk.  I also added a quilt for a tree skirt.  Now, you can see the tree better when you are sitting in the bed watching television.

Well, that's our Home for the Holidays!  Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Using Chairs as a Statement Piece

Recently, I was invited by One Kings Lane to write a piece about a Statement Chair I have in my home.  One Kings Lane has a new Home Decor Resource Guide you can use to help choose a statement chair, and how to use it with your decor.  If you go with an older piece, their Home Decor Resource Guide can also be used to research in which era your chair or piece of furniture was made.  You can even use this section to help you decide if you should reupholster a chair, or pay a professional to recover it for you.  There's also a section on DIY Stain-proofing your chairs (something we all need to do).  It's a great section to use if you just aren't sure which direction to go when purchasing a new or old piece of furniture, and you need a little guidance.  How many times have you bought a piece and got it home, only to realize it isn't quite right after all?  I am completely guilty of doing that!

My favorite statement chair in my home is this sweet little chair I have in my bedroom.  I recently featured it in a post about our Master Bedroom.  You can see that post here Master Bedroom Tour.  I purchased the chair for $100.00 from a local photographer who used it for props.  Since then, I have used it in our bedroom for a little reading nook for myself, and incorporated some of my favorite things in this little corner in our bedroom.  The bed in our bedroom is the focal point, and it's a new piece.  I needed something "old" to add to our bedroom to keep the decor fitting with the rest of our home (old mixed with new).  I get a lot of compliments and questions about this chair when we have people over, so I wanted it to have its own special place where it would be noticed.  I have also used Home Decor Resource Guide at One Kings Lane to help me be able to answer the main question I get, "How old is it"?  I was able to get a rough idea from their website, and I am going to use their site to research some other older pieces I have in my home.  I believe it is from the Victorian Era, due to the shape of the legs and the tapestry fabric. 

I also discovered when I flipped it over - it is filled with Spanish Moss, another indicator of how old it is.  

So, whether you need help in deciding on a new statement chair for your home, want to learn about an older piece you have, need help deciding on reupholstering your chair, or even how to care for your piece - use the new section Home Decor Resource Guide of One Kings Lane to help you out.  It's like having your own Professional Decorator on site to answer questions you need answered when purchasing and working with furniture. What a great reference tool to use!

You can check out their guide by clicking this link, Home Decor Resource Guide, or any of the links above.

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Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Book Page Trees & Dining Room Decos

Recently my husband and I were out shopping, and I saw some book page trees that I fell in love with. However, they were REALLY expensive!  So, I studied them a little, and decided to try a make them myself.  I gathered the supplies I needed, and went to work.  I bought two styrofoam cones, and two small urns to put them in.  For the book pages, I used an old book I already had.  When I added up that I had spent less than $15.00 for the supplies, I seriously was proud of myself for not buying the ones in the store (they were $65.00 for 2 trees).  I started by tearing out pages that had words covering the whole page.  Then, I started cutting triangles out of the pages.  During this process, I decided to keep the remaining row attached so I could glue it on as a strip to save time.  I used the other triangles to fill in gaps so that there wouldn't be any styrofoam showing.  I attached my book triangles with hot glue.  
Just layer and layer until you have the cone covered.  I covered the top with a round piece of book page and then covered it with triangle cut outs.  Adding the extra triangle book pages helps the tree look more layered, and not just having lined up rows.  After I had glued all the pages on, I used my fingers to gently ruffle and curl up the book page triangles so they weren't laying so flat.  For the last step, I sprayed my trees with iridescent glitter spray paint.  (I didn't take a picture of that step, because I may have gone outside and sprayed them at 10:30 at night.)  Then, after they dry, put them in any container you choose.  It was really easy, and I did two trees while I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie.  I am pleased with how they turned out!  
They added such a great touch to my dining table vignette.
I used greenery, burlap ribbon, large snow tipped pinecones, and several angels from around my house.  The crown was a gift from my sweet friend who owns her own store.  I really need to do a feature post about her shop.
I added greenery and this angel to my rustic birdhouse.
I set everything on a turquoise, runner layered with a red runner for Christmas color.
I also wanted to share my built in China cabinet that is behind my dining table.  Every year, I tell myself I'm not going to go nuts with my Christmas decor, but I end up doing it anyway.  We were iced in for several days, so I needed something to do!
Hope you will give the book page trees a try.  I love mine!

Happy Holidays!

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Best and Easiest Dip EVER!

I wanted to share this recipe with you, because it's yummy and super easy.  Perfect recipe for the holiday season!  Brace yourself, because this seriously the BEST dip you will ever eat, and a cinch to make.

Here's What You Need:

1 block of Cream Cheese
1 package of regular breakfast sausage
1 can of Rotel 
Tortilla chips

THAT'S IT!!  It's great because you can keep these things on hand, and make in case you have visitors come by, or need to whip something up quick to take to a party.

Here's How You Make It:

First, brown the sausage
Then, drain onto a plate with a paper towel to absorb the grease
Then, put the sausage back into the skillet, and add cream cheese, and Rotel, on medium heat.
You will want to stir so it doesn't stick, and to help the cream cheese melt and mix in with the other ingredients.  

Keep warm while you serve with tortilla chips.  This dip is meant to be eaten warm.

That's It!
I hope you enjoy!

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Sunday, December 1, 2013

DIY Faux Mercury Glass Ornaments & Some of My Trees

Hey Y'all!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We had a great time!  It came and went way too fast for me though.  So, now it's on to serious Christmas decorating, and I have been busy!  I bought a new tree for our Master Bedroom, and decided to go with a flocked tree.  I've never had one, and I just love it.  I wanted to use turquoise, white,  and gold ornaments.  I already had the white and gold ornaments, and I bought a bucket of turquoise ornaments for $4.00!  I just didn't like the look, because everything on the tree was too sparkly, and shiny.  So, I took all of the plain turquoise ornaments off, and went to work changing them.  I had a can of Krylon Looking Glass spray paint that I was going to use for something else, and decided to give it a try.  These were cheap plastic ornaments, so I wasn't sure how this would work.
It worked great.  It took the shine down, and made the ornaments look like old mercury glass ornaments.  Just the look I wanted!  Using the egg crate was the way to go.  You can paint several at one time, and you can get to all of the sides.
You can see the gray mottling on the turquoise.
I didn't cover all of the ornament with the spray paint, because I liked the gradual aged look.  Now, my tree fits my decor much better.  I little new and shiny, and a little old and shabby.
I used Soft White Lights, and I love how they look.  Kind of blue, and kind of white.
I also put up my Living Room tree
I used all of our ornaments that we have collected through the years, and this year I used burlap ribbon on the top, and throughout the tree.  Then, I added red poinsettias for a pop of Christmas color.
I love this little elf who is helping me decorate the tree!

Next, I put up my kitchen tree.  I put it behind my sink, instead of having a larger tree taking up floor space.  
I went with a bakery theme.  Cupcakes, and frosted cookies.  Aren't the cupcakes adorable?
Well, that's all of the trees I have up so far!  Stay tuned, and I will have much more to post.  We moved outside today, and hung lights, and decorated.  Can't wait to share the rest with you.

Happy Holidays!

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