Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick & Easy Twist on Grilled Cheese

Happy Friday!  
I always look forward to Friday, because it means more family time!  I really, really, love it when my oldest is home from college for the weekend also.  We are so lucky he is pretty close, and gets to come home at least once a month.  Weekends at our house mean lots of cooking usually.  I try to lighten the cooking load by throwing in a few quick and easy meals.  I thought I would share a favorite at our house.  I like to do these on Friday nights, because the boys are usually going to Football games, and they are great to do if your kids have lots of friends over.  I have seen versions of this on Pinterest, but I am sharing how I like to make them.....

Italian Grilled Cheese

Here's What You Need:
Bread (use your favorite, I use good ole white bread)
Mozzarella Cheese Slices
Garlic Powder
Your favorite choice of Marinara Sauce

Here is the best tip for this recipe.  I use an electric griddle.  You can line up the sandwiches and cook several at one time.  
Warm your griddle (I set mine to 325, because the mozzarella is slow to melt, and it cooks them a little slower and allows the cheese to melt)
Spread butter on your slices of bread
Put your bottom slices on the griddle
Add the mozzarella cheese slices (you can add one or two slices)
Add the top slice of buttered bread
Sprinkle with Garlic powder (I only put it on one side, so it isn't so strong)
Brown on both sides

While these are cooking, I put the Marinara on the stove to warm.  Put the sandwich on a plate and serve with Marinara to dip the sandwiches 
Give them a try, you will love them!  Recipes like this will give you more time to get out and enjoy the weekend!
I will be going with my son to watch him practice his latest passion.  Love it that there will be beautiful weather, and a cart to ride (hee hee)!

Have a SUPER Weekend!



  1. Cheese and marinara sauce?! What could be wrong with that? Absolutely nothing :)

    1. Hahaha! Right Doreen?? They have to be one of the best combos! Thanks for stopping by!


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