Thursday, October 31, 2013

You're Never Too Old For Halloween Fun

If you've read my about me section, you know that I have 2 teenagers, and a 21 year old.  I just love the fun of Halloween, and still treat my boys on Halloween.  For my college guy, I called a florist and am having a snack basket delivered to where he works this afternoon.  But, for my teenagers, I made their snack baskets.
I chose these pumpkins at Wal-Mart for $1.00!!!!  Then, I filled them with Halloween candy, cute Halloween cups, Halloween pencils, and all of their favorite snacks.  They LOVED them!!  With teenagers, you never know when you will get the "Thanks Mom", with a slight look like you have lost your mind. hahaha!  But, they really loved these, and my middle kid took his to the golf course.  Success!

Then I found these, and they were a huge hit, and have been the source of lots of laughter.  Forgive me for the "selfie", but I stole this from them.
These are hoodies!!!  I laughed out loud when I found them at Wal-Mart
They were a HUGE hit!!!  They don't really wear costumes to school, so I thought these would be fun.

Hope you have a fun filled, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Master Bedroom a.k.a. The Mom Cave

Our Master Bedroom
 Our Master Bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the house.  It's quiet and tranquil, and my favorite place to relax. 

This is the wall on the "Mrs." side.  It's a collage of my favorite photos of the 5 of us. 
I made the Mr. and Mrs. signs myself.  I used frames that already had a mat with them, printed the Mr. and Mrs. on the computer, and covered the mats with leopard print duct tape.  I always have to have a touch of leopard.
This is on the "Mr." side.  I put place mats on both nightstands to protect the wood.  The Bible is my husbands Great Grandmother's from when she was younger.  I kept the original shoestring she had on the bible.  It still has notes she kept, and has all of her markings in the Bible.  Such a treasure!
Another favorite thing I have is this chair.  A local photographer used it as a prop, and when she put it up for sale, I snatched it up. 
I'm pretty sure the fabric and everything is original.  Love the nailhead details, and the fabric was perfect with my colors!
I recently added these shabby tins.  I got these from my friend's store where I buy most of my decorative items.
This is the other side of our bedroom.  This is why I call this my Mom Cave.  I love to pile up and watch my favorite shows.  You can also see our chest that I have had for years.  It was a thrift store find  that was a hideous green.  It fits in here perfect.
Our Master Bedroom really reflects my style.  I love new, old, a little shabby, and really comfy.
I really think my dog knows exactly what he is doing when he jumps in my pictures!

I am continuing my quest to get my house ready for Christmas decorating.  I have a list of things to do for each room to get the house ready for Christmas, and Holiday guests.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Quick & Easy Twist on Grilled Cheese

Happy Friday!  
I always look forward to Friday, because it means more family time!  I really, really, love it when my oldest is home from college for the weekend also.  We are so lucky he is pretty close, and gets to come home at least once a month.  Weekends at our house mean lots of cooking usually.  I try to lighten the cooking load by throwing in a few quick and easy meals.  I thought I would share a favorite at our house.  I like to do these on Friday nights, because the boys are usually going to Football games, and they are great to do if your kids have lots of friends over.  I have seen versions of this on Pinterest, but I am sharing how I like to make them.....

Italian Grilled Cheese

Here's What You Need:
Bread (use your favorite, I use good ole white bread)
Mozzarella Cheese Slices
Garlic Powder
Your favorite choice of Marinara Sauce

Here is the best tip for this recipe.  I use an electric griddle.  You can line up the sandwiches and cook several at one time.  
Warm your griddle (I set mine to 325, because the mozzarella is slow to melt, and it cooks them a little slower and allows the cheese to melt)
Spread butter on your slices of bread
Put your bottom slices on the griddle
Add the mozzarella cheese slices (you can add one or two slices)
Add the top slice of buttered bread
Sprinkle with Garlic powder (I only put it on one side, so it isn't so strong)
Brown on both sides

While these are cooking, I put the Marinara on the stove to warm.  Put the sandwich on a plate and serve with Marinara to dip the sandwiches 
Give them a try, you will love them!  Recipes like this will give you more time to get out and enjoy the weekend!
I will be going with my son to watch him practice his latest passion.  Love it that there will be beautiful weather, and a cart to ride (hee hee)!

Have a SUPER Weekend!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Laundry Room Fluff

I am trying to do a little work around my house to get ready for Christmas decorating.  I LOVE decorating for Christmas and can't wait to get started!  I have made a list of some things I am going to "try" to get done before I start decorating.  I started last week in the laundry room.  While I am not completely finished, I though I would share what I did get done.  
I have front loaders, and I wanted to add shelves above to put some "pretty things".  Anything to make the laundry room an inviting part of the house.  Maybe if I make it really nice, someone else in the house will want to spend more time in there and do some laundry.  Did I mention I live in a house with all guys?  No matter what I do, that isn't happening.  You can see they are full of laundry right now.  
Anyway, I bought some shelves at Lowes and brackets to install.

I gathered up all of the tools I would need for the install and went to work!
I am learning to use a lot of tools, and trying to start doing more and more things around here by myself.  I really enjoy it, and feel pretty proud of myself when the projects work out well.
This project was pretty easy, just required some patience.
Viola!  Much better, and I can use the top of the washer and dryer to fold clothes.  Better go and get busy, that laundry isn't going to fold itself!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brrrrr...Feeling Like Fall Finally

It's finally feeling like Fall here in the South.  I'm not holding my breath though, because tomorrow it could be 90 again.  I had to share this adorable picture of our one year old Doxie Jax.  He doesn't care for the cold weather.  I can't believe they make hoodies for dogs!  It's super soft, and so far, he loves it.  Even better, it cracks us up how cute he is wearing it!
This is how we are spending our morning.  He's under the blanket staying warm!
Hope you are all having a cozy Fall day too!


Monday, October 14, 2013

Halloween Tablescape

I decided to change things up a little bit with my tablescape.  All because of the craft I did over the weekend.  I had seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest of really cute witches hats, and decided to make one this weekend.  (Blog post coming later about how I made it) I really love how it turned out!
Of course, I had to have a little animal print!

I added a little burlap to the table to tie in with the witches hat, and a few other spooky things.

I bought this sweet little banner at Hobby Lobby

I'm happy with the change!

I have to admit, my mind is starting to drift to Christmas decorating.  How about you?
I think I am going to start doing a few projects to get my house ready for Christmas decorating!

Check back this week for a post about how I made the witches hat.  

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Thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fall Snack With A Quick Craft

If you have checked out my "About Me" section, you know that I am a Mom of three boys (two teenagers, and one 21 year old).  They are ALWAYS hungry!!!!  This last weekend, my 21 year old was coming home from college for the weekend, and the teenagers, well, they eat all the time.  So, I like to have plenty of snacks available for them.  I quickly whipped up this Fall themed snack. 

When I say this is easy, it's over the top easy!!

I used a large pre-mixed bag of trail mix
(the trail mix I used had M&Ms, almonds, raisins, cashews, and peanuts)
2 bags of Candy Corn
If you can't find a trail mix with those ingredients, you could buy them separately, and mix it that way.

Dump them in a large mixing bowl, and toss.  DONE & DONE!

Next, comes the Super Quick Craft part.  Since this was so pretty, I wanted to have it out and visible.  So, I took a glass container I already had, and wasn't using.  But, I wanted to jazz it up a bit. 
So, I removed the knob that came with the glass container.
(please ignore the spray paint on my nails, I've been busy, hahaha!)
Next, I replaced the "stock" knob with a pretty glass knob
That's It! 
Two quick and easy things, that go so well together!!!!

Thank You for stopping by!

P.S. My boys think it tastes like a PayDay
Also, it goes well with Pumpkin Spice Coffee (not that I'm having it for breakfast or anything)

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Front Porch

Welcome To Our Front Porch!

I continue to add to my Fall decorations around my house, and my porch received extra attention this weekend.  Something I've learned since I started taking photos for my blog is how different my house looks through photos.  It's made me take a second look at some things around my house and give them a little extra attention.
I gave this bench a new coat of red paint for a pop of much needed color, and brought it around to the front porch from our back porch.  I then added a cozy blanket for cool evenings.  I added a small bale of hay, some more pumpkins and a mum. 
The mum also helps camouflage the cord that is for the lights I put in our swag  that hangs across the porch.  It looks so pretty at night with the soft lights. 
The swag also gives the porch tons of Fall color.
My Father-In-Law found this sweet high chair on the side of the road broken in several pieces.  He repaired it, painted it, and gave it new life.  It's one of my favorite things.
My screen door got a Fall wreath, and I added a new welcome mat that has pretty Fall colors too. I'm thinking about painting the screen doors red.  What do you think?

I am going to share a little secret with you.......
since we live across from this
I used zip ties to keep some of the things on my porch from ending up in the cotton field.  It worked!!!  We had 22 mph winds Saturday, and everything stayed right where I put them. 
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my Fall porch. 

I hope you have a WONDERFUL WEEK!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Fall Birthday Gift

My sweet friend had a birthday, and she is difficult to buy for because she has a store where she sells jewelry, purses, home accents, and lots of great things for your kitchen.  What do you get a girl who can get everything for herself?  I gift you make yourself!!!  She decorates for ALL holidays like you can't imagine!  So, I purchased the glitter pumpkins, and all of the things to make her a new wreath for her front door.  The wreath didn't take much, just a bunch of Fall leaves, a bunch of Fall flowers, leopard, and burlap ribbon, and a grapevine wreath.  Then, Viola!!!  Happy Birthday to her!  I used a few left over things and added them to the pumpkins to match the wreath.  I am hoping I can convince her to let me do a post about her house at Christmas.  It's beautiful.  By the way, don't you just love the wired burlap ribbon?  I'm starting to get ideas for how to incorporate it into my Christmas
tree.  Yes, I'm still putting up Fall and am already thinking about Christmas.
Tomorrow, I am going to start adding more to my front porch to finish it up.  Check back with me to see how it turns out!
Hope you are having a super week!